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- For any stall holders who wish to participate must complete a Stall Holder Application Form.
- If you are offered a stall,  payment will be direct debited from your card 15 days prior to the market. If payment is not received by that time another applicant will be offered that place.

- An application does not guarantee a site at the market. If you are successful for a market - you will be sent an offer email and you will need to confirm your site with a payment.
- Proof of insurance and Street Traders must be provided later then 14 days before the event date. If this is not provided, you will not be permitted to trade and your spot will be forfeited with no refund.

- We will endeavour to provide two chairs per stall for indoor stall holders, however we do suggest that you bring your own chairs as well.

- All outdoor sites will require to BYO chairs, tables and Marquee.
- Table/stall space is as follows;

Indoor  Single site -  2.5m x 2 (x1 1.8m table)

Indoor Corner site – x2 1.8m (x2 Tables in an L shape)

Indoor Double site – 5mx2m  (x2 1.8m tables side by side)

- Marquee spaces are 3x3m (Single) 6x3m (Double)

- WEIGHTS must be used at all times when using a marquee. Pegs are not permitted to be used on the grounds. Minimum 20kg per leg is required.

- Marquee spaces are 3x3m (double spaces available and must be requested)

- Marquees, chairs and tables are to be provided by the stall holder.

- If you need vehicle access, you must advise us in the application form, however it is not a guarantee that you will be granted vehicle access.

Power may be supplied depending on the availability at an additional fee of $5.

If you would like to share a table/marquee - you must ask permission from the organiser. If approved each stall holder will be required to pay the standard stall fee for their own business.

Eg: 2 stall holders wishes to share one marquee, each stall holder will pay their own fee. 

We will endeavour to meet stall holders request regarding sites, however cannot guarantee that your request will be fulfilled and cannot guarantee that stalls will be placed in the same site each market.

Kindly be advised that site maps may be modified on the day of the event. Although we strive to follow the original site map, unexpected situations may occur that require adjustments, resulting in changes to some sites.


Products sold at the market must be at leat 80% handmade by the business owner.

- Cancellation of the market may occur in extreme weather conditions where attendance by Stallholders and the public will put these parties in danger. This decision will be made by the Market coordinators and market management will contact all stall holders /vendors as soon as possible after the decision to cancel is made.
- In the event of a cancellation of the market, the stall holder will have the option to either be
refunded or rolled over to the next market.
- In an event of the market being postponed, stall holder will be given an option of a full refund or to participate in the next market.

- ALL stall holders and Food Trucks have a two strike policy, If you are a NO SHOW at our markets for any two markets without any communication, you will not be invited back to the market and stall fees will not be refunded.

- In the event a stall holder is unable to attend, please advise the organiser at least 48 hours in advance. You may have another stall holder take your place with the approval of the organizer.



- If stall fees are still outstanding 7 days prior to the market, we will withdraw your stall site from the market.

- If you arrive after 8:30am on market day, you will not be permitted to trade and will not receive a refund

- Fees will be automatically debited from your card prior to the market. 

- If you apply for multiple markets - the site fees will be taken out per market and not as a lump sum

- Payment dates will be advised on your acceptance email and payment reminders will not be sent.


Refunds for site fees are not available, so please cancel your application before the charge date if you no longer wish to participate in the market.


The date you will be charged will be specified in your confirmation email for your awareness.


If you cancel after being charged, the site fee will not be refunded, but you can utilize it as a credit for future use.


- Stall Holders are required to ensure their business practices and goods and services comply with all relevant product, safety, business and trade legislation.
- Stall Holders must obtain any licences and registrations required for the sale of their goods and display them as required. Registration and licence certificates must be available for inspection by the Market coordinators.
- A current copy of insurance, permits and food certificates must be provided by ALL food vendors
along with this application or it will not be accepted.

-Street Trader/Food Trader must be provided 14 days prior to the market otherwise the stall space will be forfeited with no refund. 
- Photographs and videos may be taken of the event and be used for promotional material. If
you do not consent, please advise the organisers in writing.

- Market coordinators accept no liability for any damages or costs whatsoever, either directly or indirectly, from products sold by Stall Holders.
- Market coordinators accept no liability for any injury, loss or damage Whatsoever occasioned to, or suffered by, the Stall Holder, their relief assistant and/or staff as a result of
the use and occupation of the site or in connection with any activity carried on at the site.
- Stall Holders, by applying to our events, you hereby indemnify Market coordinators in relation to all and any claims for damages or costs whatsoever arising from the provision to them of a site, or the sale by them of any product at that site, whether by the Stall Holder or any person representing them or their product.


All stallholders are required to uphold the Code of Conduct when participating with events run by ‘That’s Mine’ Events

Social Media Policy

Stallholders are asked to present positive messages about 'That's Mine' Events and their experiences at the their events on social media platforms. Negative comments or airing of grievances with Management on social media will result in immediate termination from the 'That's Mine Events.

If there is any grievances - please speak to management immediately. 

Stall Placement

  • Stall placement and overall market layout is at the discretion of Management.

  • Management reserves the right to relocate a stallholder to another area within the market.

  • We ask that all stallholders remain flexible and accept changes to site layout at anytime.

  • We will endeavour to allocate regular stall holders a regular site - however may need to change on occasion. 

  • Casual stall holders holders will rotate sites each market. 

  • Management makes a sincere and thoughtful effort to meet all stallholders needs and requests regarding stall placement at any events of ‘That’s Mine’ Events

Operational Requests

Management reserve the right to request that a stall holder undertake any reasonable measure, which in the opinion of Management will improve the safety of the stall, or to raise the level of presentation of the stall and its products.



  • Management reserves the right to refuse, or request the removal of product that is unsuitable, or has not been approved by Management at any time.

  • A stallholder may only offer for sale approved products which have been accepted by Management on the application form submitted by the stallholder.

  • To add new products, permission must be sought from Management.

  • Stallholders may be asked to provide pictures of their intended product. Products cannot be added to a stall unless approval is given by Management.

  • It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure they conform to any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their product.

  • Products from makers stalls (arts & craft) must be at least 80% handmade by the business owner. 

Building a culture of courtesy and respect

We ask that stallholders consider their neighbours, other staff and retailers and treat others with respect, and as they would like to be treated in all their dealings in the market.



  • We have a zero tolerance for conflict.

  • Conflict will not be tolerated between stallholders and patrons, retailers and storeowners, ‘That’s Mine’ Events staff, volunteers and other stallholders.

  • We seek to maintain a harmonious, friendly and fun environment for all.

Unacceptable behaviour

  • Verbal abuse (swearing) at ‘That’s Mine’ Events staff, volunteers, security, retailers, visitors or other stallholders is not acceptable behaviour.

  • Physical abuse under any circumstances is not acceptable behaviour.

  • There is no warning system in place for breaching these conditions at our events.  If you are found in breach of any of our  conditions ,your participation in events under ‘That’s Mine’ Events will be terminated immediately.

LAST UPDATE: Tuesday 8th August 2023, 1:21pm

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